The new DIANA Wildwürzung (game seasoning) is universally applicable for game dishes and game charcuterie.

Traditionally, game dishes are in high demand from October to December. The breadth of game specialties reaches beyond the classics like roasts or stews. Game meat is generally low in fat and rich in nutrients and increasingly more often processed to game charcuterie specialties like game-cabanossy, game ham or raw fermented game-sausage. Leveraging this versatility, Frutarom Savory Solutions introduces DIANA Wildwürzung (game seasoning). Which consist only of herbs and spices, therefore it is universally applicable. Named after the Roman goddess of the hunt, the new seasoning contains of a balanced mixture of high-quality herbs and spices and is characterized by an aromatic herbal note.

Ask you sales representative for game specialty recipe ideas or game charcuterie recipes with DIANA Wildwürzung.