The term 'convenience' means ease to use and time-saving. For this we offer you a wide range of products for all kinds of food. With our quality products for the preparing convenience foods, we meet the highest customer standards.

Whether for a barbecue an intimate dinner for two or a family dinner– delicately seasoned grilled or pan fried meat is popular. Our marinades suit any occasion. Because we value quality, culinary diversity and individual flavour. We offer suitable marinades for steaks, brochettes, fish and poultry.

Stock is a versatile product, it can serve as bases for soups and sauces or support savory flavors in other products. We offer stock in powder form with additional ingredients with vegetable or meat notes.

Mayonnaise, a humble emulsion of a mix of egg, oil and water is one of the most popular and versatile condiments. It is enjoyed with and in many food combinations.